Monday, January 28, 2013

December Haul 3

It's been a month since December and I am still doing December Hauls :x sorry lol
but the good thing is I did not buy anything for January so there's no January haul XD

This haul will be clothes I got from

But first, here's what I did on some of my free days >.<

#1 I ate roll cakes :3

#2 I went to to see what is new, then I found some pieces that I really liked and started dressing up the models (as creepy as that sounds, yes I play a lot of dress up games, but I love styling DX)
p.s. sorry for the horrible quality of pictures

#3 Clothes/OOTD's 
I wore this tank tied up as a crop top to show my dress underneath the tank, but I took a picture after untying it which explains the wrinkles.
 what I wore to work. Family owned restaurant pros is that you get to wear pretty much what you want except shorts and revealing clothes :D

That's the end of what I did during my free time besides reading manga ...

Now let's start with the haul:

Leopard print waistline leggings- $19.80
These are so warm and I wore them out in a 20 degree weather o_o

Hooded Cape- $20 I have been into capes and ponchos lately for the past month and a half ^.^

Dip-back off shoulder top- $19.80

Polka dot collar tunic- $20 I love the logo XD

Perfume print ruffled sleeveless dress- $9 
for real I am not joking O_O

Stiped hooded tank + Cut out shoulder top- $17.60

Fringe Cross Tank top- $20

Elbow-Sleeve Open-Knit Cardigan- $9 also c: I love how I could wear it as a knit or cardigan <3

Elasticized 2-way dress with tie- $17.60 the color looked more coral online, but oh well it still turned out nice. I could wear this as a maxi skirt or a dress ^^

Contrast-collar nubby knit top- $22.50 Really short on me, but I could still wear it :P


Sunday, January 20, 2013

December Haul part 2

Hey guys.
I didn't realize that the hauls would take a month do to :P

Since this will be a long post, let's start!

Clothes I got from Chinatown, NY:

First top I got for $30 and the quality isn't even that great either :/ Plus, the lady that sold me this was very rude and bitchy to my  mother.

Second Store: around $250-$300 total O-O

Third Store: $30

Fourth Store: $40-60?

Loft Sweater: $25

 Finally, I went to pick up 2 ViVi Magazines for $9.50 each.

The End.
Stay tune for next week for the Part 3~