Monday, June 25, 2012

Winter Shoe Collection

As I promised from my previous blog a week ago, I will do a winter shoe collection :P

First, I want to say that some of these shoes are very, VERY old.
Some may have been bought in 2009, so please excuse the torn and dirtiness of it :x
Some of these will be from a foreign land so I will list where it's from otherwise they are all from the U.S.

ok let's start~

These are actually the only new shoes that I haven't  torn apart yet xD I have only worn them once since they  are a little tight. They are from

I rarely wear sneakers :/
I bought these because I thought they might look good on me since my foot is hard to please :c
In the end, they are the same as the other sneakers I have.
(from South Korea)

This is the shoe that was passed down to me from my aunt back in 2009. I'm surprised that I could still wear them. (from China)

Probably one of the most expensive shoes I bought. These Timberland boots are quite comfy and warm because of the wool :3
except my dad hates this pair of shoe because he says it looks like it's for work.
I don't really care though because as long as I like them, then it's fine.


This is from wetseal. It runs big so I ended up having a lot of room wearing this -.-''

 From elder-beerman. I've never worn this much either I guess, mostly because of my foot shape.

It's very comfortable so I wear it to work :D

This is the only boots that I own with high(ish) heels.
I have only worn them 3 times TT_TT
From wetseal

These are from wetseal. Also one of the few pairs that I wear all the time.

I really like this sneaker. It doesn't make my legs look horrible and somewhat comfortable.
It was from some store in china town that was forced upon me.
The lady that was selling this was just. . . I don't even know the word to describe her =.="
She was nice, but pushy and sometimes rude.

That's the end of my shoe collection~

My current nails:

This is going to be my last post of this month since I'm going to New York next week ^.^
Blog to you all next week or so~ bye~

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Sunday, June 17, 2012


I love my dad, although I rarely say that >.>"
but it's true. I respect him and like the fact that he's hard working and provides our family with food to eat, a house to live, clothes to protect, and love. 
At times he could be unreasonable, but overall, I still love him.
Recently it was his birthday too, so I haven't given him anything yet =___="
He says that he doesn't want  anything, but my brother and I are planning to buy a laptop for him since his broke and maybe some new shirts if he wants them in New York. 
My dad works 12-13 hours a day and I know he gets really, I mean REALLY tired :P
because of that, my brother and I help out with our family restaurant. (also because we have to)


in my next blog, I will probably do a winter shoe collection, so this is reminder to myself :x

Thanks for reading and have a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

More Hauls :3

a few days ago I said I would do a haul on XXI again. Actually, it was more than a while back, soooo..

first item,

Men T-shirt for $6.99 I wear a lot of men tees because they're so comfy ^.^

Net Cardigan. I don't remember how much since I threw away the tag =.="

A Poncho(?) for $13.99 I am going through that tribal loving phase, but I see a lot of Japanese Gyarus wearing these. :D

I also got a lace bra undergarment, but it's currently being washed. xD Anyway, accessories.
I got a cross ring for $1.50. It's a little loose on my fingers though >.<"


Next, another ring for $2.80? or maybe $1.50 and it fits perfectly.

Wing earrings for $2.80 

I ran out of pink nail polishes despite having more than 30 nail polishes in my collection :PI find it ironic though xD. If some of you could see, it's $1.50 (edit: forget what I said, I actually found 3 pink nail polishes :x)

These last two leggings aren't from XXI but from Von Maur.
They were very cute and were on sale :o
The one below was for $5

Although it says $4, it was actually $2 :DDD

Boy, these leggings are cheap AND cute.
If I go to Yesstyle or any other shops, they're usually $8-15 D: Most of the times, they're just plain too =``=
so this is just awesome.

You have reached the end of my haul....