Friday, October 26, 2012


Hi guys~
so as I promised, I will do a Outfit of the Day picture for the week.
Let's start ^o^

....p.s. I don't remember which I wore first so I will just put the pictures down instead. Be prepared for a heck load of pictures xD

I wore this dress to church and it was comfy :3

                                                  My hairstyle for a few days -I was addicted to curls :x

                                                             what I actually wore:

                                                      After I played around with arm candy:

                                                 Ignore the banana in my hand xD lol

That's the end ^.^

btw I visited a halloween store a few days ago for fun and look what I found..

LOLOL bye now c:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting lately D:
I promise that I'll do a OOTD's or my October collective haul sometime this week.
Maybe I'll just do both to make it up to you guys, but that'll depend on my laziness.
It's just that the end of the quarter ended and I had a bunch of tests, so I'M SORRY.

Since this is an extremely short post, I'll end it with some pictures d(^,^)b

Drawn by me, Dana. Goodnight<3

Thursday, October 11, 2012

one request.

GUYSS, Please help spread the love to FT Island <3

if Psy can be successful then there is hope for other Kpop artists too :D

and last but not least, the first song that I listened to c:

This is a short post, but thanks for reading :3 

now I have to study for 3 tests for tomorrow ">.> ...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Haul and weekend update

Hello guys. You see the pictures of the beautiful sky above? Well, it's FUCKING BEAUTIFUL and it was taken a month ago TT^TT 

Now moving on...
I'll show you my weekend or weekENDS first, but with lots of pictures :P
I went to Aeropostale and found these jackets that I thought would look good on my brother, but he didn't like them D:

 I was working, but since it was  little  boring, I took a snapshot of the things we sell.

I went to Pacson and I found this top. <3 It was on sale for $6 o.o I WANT IT SO BAD, but I forgot my wallet so my mom gave me some money.
Instead of spending $6, I spent all the money on these clothes from Charlotte Rouse :x

 The moon at 7:20 am is beautiful *o*
 Yup I just love this ring pairing so much that I will repost it xD

 I felt like changing my phone cover since I don't know for how long will they keep making iphone 4 covers until the iphone 5 or 6 comes out =w="

I bought this from Abercrombie for $30-35? somewhere there -.-"
 This was from American Eagle for $14

 TjMaxx for $40 O_____O probably the most expensive bag I own..

See this. SEE THIS. IT BROKE ON ME!! I put way too much pressure on it and now it broke. Time to look for a new one and lower my intake on clothes >.>
I have no more space ._.

You're almost getting to the end~ 
This is the end of my weekend 

 Mangas I have :P

 Books/Magazines relating to clothes + fashion c:
 I love Ally Carter's books ^______^

Bye ^.~