Saturday, April 28, 2012

once upon a time

a girl named dana lived
she grew up with a beautiful imagination
first, she wished to be a doctor to save lives
then, she wished she could be a designer
now, a clothing store owner
but she realizes that this dream may not benefit her
so she'll just wait for now

THE END... yeah this is a horrible story but I still have years ahead of me, so I still have hope ^o^


Thursday, April 26, 2012

MYSTYLE- summer wear?

Since summer is almost here, I want to do a little post on styles I like.
I'm a huge fan of Asian style and European styles.
This is usually what I find trendy or maybe it's just my style.

First of all,
colored shorts and high waists

#2 Laces are still in: shorts, shirts, accessories, etc.

#3 American Flag designs <3

I'm sorry if you can't see the picture below :c

#4 Jump suits and Jackets/Cardigans

#5 Anything with Crosses

#6 animal print

#7 Cut Away

#8 bags

#9 spikes

#10 shoes

OK that's the end of my post XD thanks for reading

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

gotta love my kpop

Hai, here's my new addicting song: "Face" by Nu'est.

Miss A - Touch
they never fail to please me ^_^

Here's some G-DRAGON "Gossip Man"
HOT *o*

                                                  and lastly, let's not forget Fantastic Baby - BigBang


now goodbye.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

having fun?

Every Sat. I have to work at my dad's restaurant. ._. It's boring but I get paid (sometimes D:) and sometimes, THERE'S SO MUCH DRAMA =w=" Hence I am very tired being there at times, but I enjoy the people.

while I was bored I drew models and eyes :3

 they are a bit creepy if you keep staring 

one of the waitresses said that this girl looks like a hu li jin. meaning: fox spirit, monster 

The body proportions are horrible >.<"

THE END - thanks for reading ^.~

Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm currently reading this manga series called gintama. I gotta say, THIS MANGA IS SOOOOO FUNNY AND I LOVE IT. It's basically a story about japan in the edo period taken over by aliens. Now, samurais are extinct so gin (main character AKA curly perm xD LOLOL) decides to open a shop "free-lancers." He gains two companions and OMG they  make parodies, and puns, etc.


so make sure to check it out no matter what :3

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New York.

I went to New York over spring break and it was fun at times. Just the car ride to there was not ._. you know how many hours I sat in the car while squished with other things?! 12 hours. D:< even though the car ride was bleh, I still am happy that I bought 2 ViVi magazines ^_^ and clothes. When I went by myself to buy the clothes, the sales people were effing scary. Once I came into their views, they immediately swarm towards me saying "come here pretty lady and do i know you?" i got scared so I went into a random store and there is another one, so in the end I left early and came back with my family. my tip: NEVER, I REPEAT NEVER GO ALONE TO AN ASIAN BOUTIQUE OR CLOTHING STORE. they'll hunt you down. btw the way I'm  chinese so don't get me wrong. When I visit China, I could never get used to those girls *shudders* 

soooo here are some clothes I got. c: and I don't know what the name of the store is called since it was in a underground shopping mall. 

let's get a closer look at the pins, shall we?

and this leather pants with gold zipper :x
I fell in love with the back <3
and that's the end of my haul and trip to New York. Bai bai 

Monday, April 9, 2012

XXI haul

hello guys, here's a beautiful picture of what i found >:D 


Also, today i went to forever 21 and got love & beauty's intense eyeliner which is $1.50 and it works wonderful for lining the top of my eye lid
black cross studs for $1.50

and this pyramid or uhh watyoumacallit shape earrings for $1.50

triangle and black and white striped earrings for $2.80

black acid wash shorts that comes with a studded belt for $19.80 

a white/black tee shirt for $14.80

That's the end of my haul. I gotta say, I probably spend way too long at forever 21 xD. Every time I go, I usually spend about 2 hours there. Well.. thanks for reading bye c: