Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May Collective Haul

Before we get started, I have an OOTD for you guys ^^

Now let's start~

Things were on sale like this matte pleather skirt :3
It's so comfy and it is $12

Shirt - $5.80

Bath & Body Works
They were having a HUGE, HUGE sale because of Memorial's Day, so you couldn't miss it XD
Body Wash- $2.99 each

Body Therapy Wash- $6

Mini Body Spray- $1.50(?) sorry I can't remember the exact price, but it was close to there.

Hair Extensions- $14
they are sort of my hair color, but a bit lighter. I have this hair color that is naturally dark brown, but red-ish brown at the ends when I put it in the sun. My little brother has the same hair color as me and we're both full on Chinese Blood, but it's so hard to choose hair colors just because of my hair. Does anyone have the same troubles as me?

Men Cologne- 3 for $24 (the third one is also the blue colored one in my suitcase)

Sunglasses Hut
There was a 50% off sale and my mother got me a pair
I'm really spoiled :x and lucky

ok so as you all may know, this might be the last post for a while, so please hold til then~
Thanks for reading and I will resume sometime in July~

Monday, May 27, 2013

Coming to an End

The school year is almost over in 3 days, but it's filled with nothing but exams :c
In those 3 days, I planning to dress  up though XD

After this week, I'm heading to China, so I will not be able to blog since they censored blogging, google, youtube, facebook, etc.
I will take plenty of pictures though~
and also, I will be gone for 6 weeks starting on June 3rd.

Here's my weekend wrap up:

Band Concert Night OOTD:
the thing I love about concerts and recitals is the dressing up part ^^
-lace shirt with peter pan collar
-black skater skirt
-mary jane pumps
-F21 earrings

Favorite Shoes of this Month:
My spiked heel shoes~
They complete my outfit all the time<3

I have also made a lot of collages on my phone for my pictures to save space like the ones below:

-my drawings ---> I have been drawing a lot of short haired girls lately, because I thinking of getting a haircut
-shoes I want

This week I was on a crave for fruits and sweets :P

The wrapping is so cute XD

I went star gazing 2 weeks ago for extra credit, which my teacher said that if people go she'll give us 5% extra credit on our exam. I went that night and my dad dropped me off, but only 5 people showed up, but no teachers or museum people were there. I didn't know that it was cancelled, so I sat outside waiting for my dad to pick me up for 45 min. There goes my extra credit TT^TT

Here's a drawing on my hand:
If I had a tatoo, it will be like this

I changed my Iphone case, so it would  be lighter when I go to China:

and here are last pictures of earrings we're selling:

very pretty right? ^^

ok that's a wrap up, a very LONG one XD
thanks for reading~

Friday, May 17, 2013

Mad Man

These days I have been watching soo much of Pewdiepie's videos that it's pretty insane XD
For some who don't know who he is, he's  a Swedish gamer who does a lot of reviews and gameplays on horror games
I am a person that likes watching people play horror games but probably will never beat the game if I played.
my favorite ones are his "Misao" and "Mad Father" ^^
Here are two to get you started :D

Also, another reason why I love these games are the music, art, and storyline c:

Hope some of you guys enjoy his videos as much as I do~ bye ^__^