Friday, January 11, 2013

December Haul part 1

This week has been very stressful with all of my exams :P and although it's way past December, I'm still doing it.
Now I finally have time to blog about my December Haul and part of it is this year's stuff I bought, because of the sales they're doing for New Years. This blog will be lengthy so I have decided to do 2 parts. The first part are clothes from American Shops and the second is Asian Shops plus some American due to the fact that I forgot to add Loft and more Victoria Secret in .

First, let's start with OOTD's XD

Abercrombie and Fitch

Total: $130


Jeans: $30-35

Total: $55


Cardigan: $14


Total: $35

The Hue tights are from Gabriel Brothers though ^.^"

Total: $50-60


Blouse is given to me from my grandma
Very Vintage-like :D

Victoria Secret
They were having their semi-annual sale, so I had to get some new ones.
My mom got me these :P

Also, when I went to Abercrombie', I really wanted this:

but it was so expensive, so next time -.-"

Look forward to my Part 2~ bye c:

dry lips..lips w/ lip gloss

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