Monday, May 28, 2012


I have this obsession with red lips.
There are three styles that I go with:
tinted in the middle, tinted and plumped, or just full out red.
I guess my passion was even more fired when I saw 4minute's mv, "Volume Up" :D
Hyuna and the others just pulled it off fantastically 
Plus, Taylor Swift looks good with that color.

now... the products I use are below

Half of the lipsticks/gloss/tints are drug store products.
For example, Wet n Wild 911D

                                            This is bought from ebay. I suggest you don't taste it =____="

                                     I don't know where this is from since I got it from my grandma a LOOOONg time ago. hmm maybe 4 years ago? xD

                                             From Holister. Just go to the perfume and lipstick section :3

                                                 I love this one's scent. It gives off an apple scent :3 and it's from Sephora~

Here is how I do my lips today :P

Besides that, I frequently wear just a tint in the middle for school.
sooo yes, hope your memorial's day was enjoyable?
I'm thankful for those who died (+2,000,000) for this country just so we could be free.
Thank You.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

yesstyle, Von Maur, and Forever 21 Haul part 2

SOOo for those who haven't read the part 1 of this haul, here's the link

but anyways..
PART 2 STARTS------------------~~~~~~~~~~~~

I got this knit sweater for $22.80

I love this <33333
A stripe knit sweater for $14.99 
I love the bright colors.

I love the slits on the side.

I bought these belts together for $3.50 in s/m.
I can't fit in it D:
Last time, I got m/l and it was too long around my hips and now this one is too short.
smh =w=
This chain silver necklace for $9.80. These types of necklaces are quite popular with the edgy ladies out there ^_______^

Lastly, I got these earrings for $3.80 
I'm into tribal prints lately :x



Tuesday, May 22, 2012

yesstyle, Von Maur, and Forever 21 Haul part 1

Sooo here's what some of you may be waiting for~


First, I got these wedges in size 39. They are comfortable and not that high ^o^  The price threw me off a little though.. >.<''
5/5 stars

Cut away-sleeve printed top from Zoo. It was made of thin material but cute :D
5/5 stars 

                                                       Contrast-Trim Drawstring Hooded Tee by E Magic Mirror. It was super large so I liked it and could be worn as a dress ^.^ 5/5 stars.

                                       Dolman-Sleeve Printed Hooded Pullover from Kiwi Shop. I love the red wine color! It's also very big just like the yellow pullover. Very comfy 5/5 stars.

                                             3/4-Sleeve Printed Long Top by Click. It's around my mid-thigh and above. Also made of very thin material so this is great for summer. 5/5 stars

                                            Denim-Panel Sleeveless Chiffon Top from D.P. Shop. This top is so flowy and I love the denim detailing. Plus, the buttons are cute, but the back is a little see through :/ 4.75/5 stars c:

                                   Raglan-Sleeve Color-Block T-Shirt from Click. I liked the design and color of this shirt, but I hate the sides. When I wore this shirt, it made my hips look HUGE and I tried to style it correctly but it still hasn't worked. Besides that, I love the Eiffel Tower on the front. 3.5/5 stars.

Von Maur                I got thus cool cross necklace and I have been looking for this for the past month. I'm sooo happy and I only got it for $5. :DDDDDD

We have now reached the end of part 1. Thanks for reading~

Sunday, May 20, 2012

*so hot

IT'S SO FREAKING HOT IN MY HOUSE D:< the air conditioner is broken and next is supposed to be 97 degrees here._.
but only 3 weeks of school left :D and today I went shopping ^_^
but I am going to do a haul on my next post because I'm too lazy from the heat, sorry

and recently I feel like I gained a few pounds :/ so I will work out (yes it's so much fun *monotone*)

bubzbeauty did this workout LOLOL
now off to workout, Bye

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Hai guys~
Currently, I have this crave for iphone covers. One of the reason is because my current iphone is falling off easily, the tip is broken, and some bedazzles have fallen off  D:

This case was bought by my uncle from China. He got this for 40 RMB so in America, It's about $7 U.S. dollars ^__^

but besides that i want a new cover so baddd and some other phone accessories :3
 like these below:

New Arrival Korea Iphone Dustproof Rhinestone Phone Accessories Gold i2776892
Cute Panda Shaped Rhinestone Iphone 4 Matched Accessory Gold i2738756

Lovely Style Rabbit Shaped Cell Phone Housing Green i2624308

Shinning Dots Embellished Cell Phone Housing Orange i1240610

Fashionable Dots Printed Cartoon Mobile Phone Housing Redi784277

Bling Deluxe Pearl Bow Fitted Case Skin for iPhone 4 4G 4S Case B6

*sigh* japan cases are just so cute
now continuing LOLOL

 yes the one above is an iphone case ._. very cute, right xD

finally, the end.
I'm sorry for being greedy :c but I'm happy that my uncle is buying me another one in China

Now, I hope everyone has wonderful day c: