Thursday, March 7, 2013

February Haul

Here comes the long-awaited haul :P
It's a bit late into March, but I am still going to do this haul.
I had a bit of time today since our school closed down because of snow:

Now let's move on (-.-)-u *drinks some tea*

Denim Acid washed dress $34.50
I got this at the very beginning of February.

Ebay Shoes
These are probably my favorite purchase of this month ^^
They were $29.99 and the shipping was $19.99 o.o but it was worth it.
They are really comfortable and I love the studs.

The next pair is these combat platform boots. They $36.99 with a $14.98 shipping. They were ok. They look better on the computer, but I wish I would've gotten these a size bigger, so I could wear socks with them. I could wear them barefoot though. Also, I got a pair of free socks lol 

The last pair were F21 shoes that were sold out in their stores. I had to get them, so fortunately Ebay has them for cheaper too c: They were $29.99 with free shipping.

Ebay Jacket
I got this lace/crotchet jacket or cardigan for $6.70 with a $.72 shipping.

Charlotte Russe 
Pastel Cross Sweater $18.99

Gold Buttoned Cut Out $18.99

Lately, I have been into muscle tanks :P



$6.80 I have been wanting something like this for a while too :x

Brown Faux Leather Hair Band $4.50

Floral Hair Clip $2.50

Body Central
I need a new thin belt since my old one is about to break -.-

JiuJiu Book 3 $8
Micron Drawing Pens $7-9 <--works really well ^__^

My Aunt's Gift
My aunt just gave me this just becuase lol, so I don't really know how much or where it is bought.

The End. Bye~

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