Saturday, April 6, 2013

Relaxation and Peace

Today or actually this weekend is my only week I get my days off, so I'm going to enjoy it the best I can ^^
Then again, today I have been finishing up my homework and planning to get a start on my science project. :P

I ha to play flute for my church today and it was fun, but I swear I CAN NEVER ENJOY THOSE SERMONS. <--- I need to fix this, but it's true D: They're so long and boring and I get the message they're trying to pull through (I'm going to get a lot of hate for saying this probably)

Next, I have been reading Fruit Basket and Misupuri again ^__^ I never read Fruit Basket, but is a big fan of the anime and I love Mispuri! You guys should totally check them out~

Fruit Basket


Also, I have been reading Ultimate Hentai Kamen XD seriously, this is the most weirdly perverted book I have ever read. There's a manga and they are coming out with a new movie for this c:

I will definitely watch it XD LOLOL
so yup, that's all~

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