Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Current Otome Animes

soo currently 'm watching two otome game based animes.

One is Brother's Conflict and the other is Diabolik Lovers.

1) I freaking love brothers conflict, because of the good laugh at times and I love how each brother is different and has their own thing. They are all so cute and the art is really nice. The age ranges from 30's-14 (I will not count Wataru, because I just find it impossible for the MC to really want to start a romantic relationship with him).

Ending (my favorite ^^, because all the brothers sing 8D)

2) Diabolik Lovers
I will say, I did not like this as much as I usually do for most otome animes. I support a lot of them, but this one gives me the creeps due to their SM scenes where the MC is a doormat and is basically like "No~ Stop~" She trusts every single brother even though they basically suck her all the time and shove their freaking dicks in her face. I could go into a long rant, but long story short, if not for the psycho characters, I would have enjoyed this probably a lot more. Everyone in here is like ABUSE, ABUSE, ABUSE and "Oh btw you're nothing but food so don't get cocky", because they had a childhood trauma, but that does not justify the right for them to be all sadists and enjoy torturing the MC. She needs to like stand up for herself, because the whole time I was like, "STAAAP BEING DUUMB JUST STOP FOLOWWING THEM." The only thing I liked was the character designs and art, but the plot is really messed up. I will continue to read it though, mostly because I support otome games made into anime. *PS I know that others will probably bash on me if they like it, but please note that there are those who might not like it too

I really like their songs though:

I guess I've always had a thing for these type of songs >.< have no idea what genre in jpop they're considered though..

Thanks for reading^^

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