Thursday, January 2, 2014

Collective Haul from August to December

Yo. So it's been a loong time since I blogged and what's more, made a haul.
I bought stuff aaaall the way back in August, but never found the time to make a haul for you guys.

So here is what I got ^.~
btw, I will estimate the prices of some items I got since I lost the receipt .__."

Iphone 5 cases- $5-6 each
my old phone broke, so I got the new one instead :P

Sweater- $4-5

Yeaaaaah weird poses...

Dress- $5

Bralettes -$5 each
overall it was a super good deal ^^

Cropped Tee $15 
I have been wanting something with a tiger design for a long time that you don't even know! 

Makeup Products
Lipstick was my mom's.
eyebrow pencil- $3-5

Garnier Sakura Cleanser $5-7
I have heard so much about this from Singaporean bloggers like XiaXue and Miayke. It spells really nice and works quite alright.

 Brow Mascara $8

Gray Cardigan $12.50

Skirt $12.50

Boots $39.95

Cardigan $20

Cardigan $18

Belt $5.80

Oversized Blazer $40 D:

Dress $19-22

Earrings $5

Shoes $19.90
they are so uncomfortable :/ they are cute, but I can't walk in them for more than 3 hours.

Faux-Fur Cardigan $22.95

Backpack $11.99
 Bag $12

Hand-me-downs from my grandma ^___^

Hat $30-35 over-priced >.>"

Shirt $6

Pants $15

bralette $4

 Coat $80?

Berry Maroon $2


Peplum shirt $30
sorry for the wrinkles :c

rings $4 each

Charloutte Russe $5 each
Forever21 $6

Body Central
Leggings with fleece lining $5-8
 Kimono $20
I have been wanting one for soooo long~

American Eagle
Cropped Striped Tee $7.50

That concludes my haul~
it's been a while, but I haven't shopped like before, but I still bought a TON
well thanks for reading~ bye!

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