Thursday, February 13, 2014


Recently, there has been a common theme in kpop music: rated 19+ songs.
It's good that kpop is starting to open up to more mature audiences, but with the recent boom of videos of butt rubbing, half-naked, or sexual facial expressions, I am getting a little tired of it. There is a fine line between the classy sexy and the showy ones. I personally don't care as long as they produce good music, but I find that companies doing these things constantly these days are starting to annoy me.

There are some songs that I still like though, despite the constant sexiness being poured down your throat.

Stellar- Marionette
I actually really like the song, but the clothes and dance moves are just too much.

Girl's Day- Something

AOA- Miniskirt

Rainbow- Cha-Cha

Gain- Fxxk u
It's 19+ but I really like this song because it means well.

Puer Kim- Manyo Maash
this is not a 19+ song, but it is dark. I love it though ^-^

SPICA- You don't love me

LADIES' CODE- So wonderful
This song is lovely. They look classy and sexy too~

Well guys, what do you think of this trend? Hate or Love?

Thanks for reading and listening~ 

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