Sunday, April 15, 2012

New York.

I went to New York over spring break and it was fun at times. Just the car ride to there was not ._. you know how many hours I sat in the car while squished with other things?! 12 hours. D:< even though the car ride was bleh, I still am happy that I bought 2 ViVi magazines ^_^ and clothes. When I went by myself to buy the clothes, the sales people were effing scary. Once I came into their views, they immediately swarm towards me saying "come here pretty lady and do i know you?" i got scared so I went into a random store and there is another one, so in the end I left early and came back with my family. my tip: NEVER, I REPEAT NEVER GO ALONE TO AN ASIAN BOUTIQUE OR CLOTHING STORE. they'll hunt you down. btw the way I'm  chinese so don't get me wrong. When I visit China, I could never get used to those girls *shudders* 

soooo here are some clothes I got. c: and I don't know what the name of the store is called since it was in a underground shopping mall. 

let's get a closer look at the pins, shall we?

and this leather pants with gold zipper :x
I fell in love with the back <3
and that's the end of my haul and trip to New York. Bai bai 

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