Monday, April 9, 2012

XXI haul

hello guys, here's a beautiful picture of what i found >:D 


Also, today i went to forever 21 and got love & beauty's intense eyeliner which is $1.50 and it works wonderful for lining the top of my eye lid
black cross studs for $1.50

and this pyramid or uhh watyoumacallit shape earrings for $1.50

triangle and black and white striped earrings for $2.80

black acid wash shorts that comes with a studded belt for $19.80 

a white/black tee shirt for $14.80

That's the end of my haul. I gotta say, I probably spend way too long at forever 21 xD. Every time I go, I usually spend about 2 hours there. Well.. thanks for reading bye c:

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