Saturday, September 22, 2012

Outfit of the Days

I feel so dressy this week.
Probably because my Monday and Tuesday outfits were so BLAH.. >.<
To make up for those days, I decided to dress up from Wed. to Friday. Plus, my homecoming was today, Saturday xD

I'll show you little bits of my clothes starting with Wednesday:

Red tribal sweater from American Eagle. <---around $14-16 O.O cheap.
Stockings from the HUE collection in Vonmaur. <---- $2-4
Tank Dress from <---- $13.50
Shoes are from <---- $29-32
Accessory is from Aeropostale.


Pink Sweater and Black Body Con Skirt from Chinatown in New York. <---Don't remember
Shoes are from <----$39-40
Necklace is from China <---- 29 yuan so around $6


Poncho looking Shirt is from Forever21 <---- $13.50
Shorts are from Delias <---- $29-39
Stockings are from Forever21 <---- $5.80
Shoes are from TjMaxx <---- $39
Arm Candy Varies

This is my other Friday Pictures c:

I did my nails for Homecoming ^_______^

Saturday (Homecoming):

I enjoyed today VERY much (although I had no date xD)
Dress from TjMaxx <--- $25
Shoes are my mom's.
Accessories varies but the bow ring and earrings are from Forever21.
Hair curled :D


Before the dressing up part, I was reading the manga Arakure or Wild Ones
and I have to say that the drawing of the main character ticks me off. 
 I didn't mind it at first but as I got through more of the story, I realized that the author, most of the time, never draws eyebrows on the main girl.


Finger drawn eyebrows >,<

That's the end of my fun week :D

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