Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Herro guys~
it's been a while. >.<
I promise I will do a recommended books/mangas and a haul on some recently-ish bought books.
It's just I have been so busy with school that I felt lazy to blog. :P

BUUUUT, as I was looking at tumblr today, I saw this cute ways to style for winter or fall. 



 drawn by me, Dana.

I have also been so obsessed with Sailor Moon lately >.> 
I searched up the story and stuff so much that it has now been my top searches.
I even drew it in my school planner smh. =.="

NOw I have no more good stories, so just enjoy the pictures I took during the week or so. c:

FOOD~ I'm hungry ._.

Bye *///v///*

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