Sunday, October 7, 2012

Haul and weekend update

Hello guys. You see the pictures of the beautiful sky above? Well, it's FUCKING BEAUTIFUL and it was taken a month ago TT^TT 

Now moving on...
I'll show you my weekend or weekENDS first, but with lots of pictures :P
I went to Aeropostale and found these jackets that I thought would look good on my brother, but he didn't like them D:

 I was working, but since it was  little  boring, I took a snapshot of the things we sell.

I went to Pacson and I found this top. <3 It was on sale for $6 o.o I WANT IT SO BAD, but I forgot my wallet so my mom gave me some money.
Instead of spending $6, I spent all the money on these clothes from Charlotte Rouse :x

 The moon at 7:20 am is beautiful *o*
 Yup I just love this ring pairing so much that I will repost it xD

 I felt like changing my phone cover since I don't know for how long will they keep making iphone 4 covers until the iphone 5 or 6 comes out =w="

I bought this from Abercrombie for $30-35? somewhere there -.-"
 This was from American Eagle for $14

 TjMaxx for $40 O_____O probably the most expensive bag I own..

See this. SEE THIS. IT BROKE ON ME!! I put way too much pressure on it and now it broke. Time to look for a new one and lower my intake on clothes >.>
I have no more space ._.

You're almost getting to the end~ 
This is the end of my weekend 

 Mangas I have :P

 Books/Magazines relating to clothes + fashion c:
 I love Ally Carter's books ^______^

Bye ^.~

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