Saturday, November 10, 2012

You're a Bully.

Yo soy feliz, pero triste tambien.
Yo tabaje en mi restaurante de abuelo ayer y es dificil.

...sorry that was a moment of my spanish xD
I know that I am not very good, but I am still learning >.<

so let's start with my Thursday and Friday outfits.


my legs are short =_="
the shoes are my mom's btw



Since I was sort of in a bad mood today, because of this one rude customer, I let out my anger by drawing.
I'm sorry for this demonic picture, but I this is how I calm myself.

moving on>>>>
I want to talk about the manga "Life" by Keiko Suenobu. It tells the story of a girl Ayumi Shiiba who goes through bullying by a group of girls. Shiiba was also depressed in the beginning until she meets Minami Anzai who first approached her. In the bully group, the main bully is her ex-friend, Manami Anzai who she met at the opening ceremony of her new high school. She starts bullying her after a mix up with boyfriend problems. Side note: I really disliked the fact that Shiiba was just letting the bullies do whatever they want at first and yet she was still following them around, but then Shiiba finally man up and befriended another victim of bullying, Miki Hatori. I mean, I understand that she's bullied and all, but why is she still being friends with them?! Plus, Anzai bullies people publicly, so why doesn't anyone report her.... even though her dad is the one supporting the school.
Crap, I getting sidetracked anyways, this is a great story that you have to check out. 
It's very touching.

*in case you don't know, there is also a drama to this*

Ayumi Shiiba

Minami Shiiba

Miki on the left bottom.


Fight the Bullies!

and thanks for reading, c:

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