Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mall trips' finds/ October Collective Haul

Warning: this is going to be a long post, so grab something to eat XD
to save words, Let's start with my outfit of the days for 2 days of my week.

My hair looks really brown in this picture :P btw my hair is naturally dark brown.

Moving on to mall trips (meaning there are some things that I tried out but didn't buy):

I actually bought this dress below, but sadly not the cardigan. D: I have a thing for crosses >.>

I went to VonMaur and tried on these four pieces c:

I got this instead for $26

I also bought the corset but that will be shown farther down below.

I went to F21 again, because I'm addicted to that store.
didn't get this shirt or dress though :I
really liked it.

This dress makes me shorter than I already am, but I liked the lace detailing.

I tried on the cardigan the 2nd time, because I still loved it and I didn't get it that time either D: 

I only got the knit for $11.99
I am trying to find a good pair of trousers lately, still no luck :/

I got this tank for $7.80 :3
so happy~

I tried this on and wanted to get it, but then I was like "nahh, I have too much" 
I wish this attitude kicks in more, since its very true xD

Let's move onto my collective haul although the trip pictures are also part of the haul ._.

this knit was already shown above.

PacSun shorts $19.99

VonMaur corset $13

Hollister men/women body spray: 3 for $24

Aeropostle burgundy dress $7

I actually got this in the older women section in Macy's XD
my mom was skeptical because she doesn't like me wearing older people clothes.

Jcpenny cardigan $8

American Eagle lace top $13.99

Bedhead triple barrel from target $21
it doesn't work well with my hair :<

American Eagle lace tank $5.99

Aeropostle pants $9.99
I need some for school and for sleep wear :x

Moonbasa shirt from $22

Abercrombie a gift from my mom, so I don't know how much it is.

Faux fur socks $12 from

Halter top from $10.50

Alice in the Wonderful World of Hearts/ Heart no Kuni no Alice <3
bought the Boris and Dee and Dum versions
The Boris ones were from for $7.60 each.
The Dee and Dum version from Books&co. were $13.99
Jiu Jiu is $8-9

white sheep: $4 <---good quality
chocolate pink bows: $3.10 <---it's ok
bear bread: $3.99 <----everything is fine, but it's ripped on the side a little when I got it.

FINALLY THE END :D the tree is really crappy but I did my best since this is my english project (no, it's not art)

considering I made this post at 1:38 am, I will say Goodnight c:

ps. please pray or do whatever for those that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. My cousin lives in NY, but she was ok. Still, some family have lost their family members, homes, and everything, so please help them. 
Thank You.

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