Saturday, August 3, 2013

China Haul 2013 pt. 1 Clothes/Accessories

Finally the haul arrives~
I'm sorry that I have put this off for a few weeks, it's just so nice to be home and relax.
I'm also sorry since I don't know the names of the stores where I got my clothes from or the prices, but they are all around China.
Also, I got 70% of my clothes from which is like a Chinese version of Ebay. Be careful though! You get what you paid for, but the clothes are cheaper than the ones sold in stores. P.S. the shops I go to are in FuZhou area (so yes, I'm Fujianese).
P.P.S. everything that I'm wearing in this haul are all bough from China.

Now sit back and get comfy 'cuz this is going to be a loooong haul XD

ok that's it for PART 1 only :p
There's more coming soon~

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