Friday, August 10, 2012

My Story

Age: 18
Name: Mae Kurose of the Kurose Clan

Every time I look back, it feels just like a dream all over again. I knew of the hardships, yet I chose this path.

The mysterious man appeared in front of me. He came closer and closer.. my,I didn't know he was this handsome! I quickly became aware that I was alone, so I quickly stood ready to fight. Instead of fighting, he told me something else.

mysterious man: I won't fight but listen.
Me: . . .
mysterious man: My name is Li and although you might not believe this, your biological grandfather sent me here. 
me: m-my grandfather?
Li: Yes, you were kidnapped at the age of five by our enemies and somehow ended up at a orphanage. After 13 years, we finally found you. Don't worry, your parents are still living, but because of losing you, your mother remained a little ill. Our clan had always been the most powerful in all over Japan. One call could bring together hundreds of gang members. Still.. Would you come home? I know you won't believe me and your life might be in constant danger, but would you like to go home? 

Yes... I have always been waiting for someone who cares that would be there at my home. At the orphanage, many kids were bullies. In order to live, you have to fight. During those hard times, I somehow became skilled in fighting and even landed as the school gang leader. I was never below in my studies either nor was I really smart. I study and get the results of my studying back. Now there were a few kids that are nice to me, but they all got adopted and never wrote back or came back to visit.

After a long pause, I said yes. I know not to trust strangers, but just something about him that makes me trust him.

[period of time later]

I see someone at the door. A woman and a man. Although they are young at age, stress and loss has taken upon them.

lady: Mai?! Is that really you?
man: M-mai? It is you!

They come and hugged me tightly. The wall of tears I held back broke. I stood there in their warm embrace crying that I am back.

I remember now. Though it's very faint, I remember when I was little, this is the embrace that I loved and longed for. My mom and dad.. My mom had always had long black as ebony hair and had that motherly vibe. My dad was muscular and strong yet was like a gentle giant. 

me: Mom, Dad, I'm home.

Chapter 1: Home once again (end)

Hello ^_^ I am bored so I decided to write a story xD
it might be a little bad considering that I wrote it at 1 am in the morning >-<
BUUUT thanks for reading<3

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