Wednesday, August 1, 2012

T-ara Controversy

So as some of you kpop fans know, there is a controversy around T-ara's new member, Hwayoung, that got unfairly kicked out.
For me, this group used to be my all time favorite. I loved a lot of the songs from them, but the news really disappointed me. Although we don't have concrete information on whether Hwayoung was actually bullied, it is still suggested.
I hate how the CEO is making it worse for Hwayoung and the girls by kicking her out and shutting the truth off. I don't want the group to disband, but the way they treat Hwayoung was really unfair.
Because of this incident, the T-ara members' contract with modeling companies are being terminated. As I scroll down the pages of some of the Kpop forums, there was a lot slanders against the T-ara members. I feel that this is really unfair to some of the other members that did not take part in the bullying (ex: Q-ri).
I just hope that the CEO will quickly admit the truth before something big happens.
It is only natural that some of them would feel jealous of the newer members, because they got a one way ticket while the others have to train for 5-6 years before debuting. It's just like telling the group "I'm sorry. We added more because you're not good enough."
Some members might also feel threatened because they have the same position as the newer members (A.K.A. eunjung vs. hwayoung).
Also, as I have said, I am neutral in this whole problem because although I feel really bad for Hwayoung (taken from the point from someone who was also bullied once), I just feel that the so-called fans are also doing the same thing to the T-ara members.
Not everyone can get along with one another but that doesn't mean, bullying one person because of feeling threatened or slandering the group will make it better.
I am all for the music not the reputation.
SOO please don't disband.


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