Sunday, February 3, 2013

Favorite English Songs Right Now.

Hey guys.
I have done kpop songs and jpop songs, but probably haven't done a English one, so this is the perfect chance to do so. :P

#1 Bully by ShineDown
This song conveys a strong meaning and I got addicted to this song when we were playing it in band XD

#2 Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift
I like the covers better, sorry.

#3 RUN RUN RUN by Celeste Buckingham

#4 Coco Jambo- Mr. President
This is an old song from the 90's? but either way, I love the 90's :3

#5 Time is running out- Muse
Also, played this in band.

#6 Pause- Pitbull
Introduced through the Wii Zumba Dance XD

#7 Shot You Down- Florrie

#8 This ain't a scene, it's an arms race- Fall Out Boys

#9 Radioactive- Imagine Dragons

#10 Sarah Smiles- Panic! at the Disco

There's more, but then the list would be up to 100... lol
well, bye.

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