Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sexy Parts

Hi guys.
You know when a women look sexy?
Without showing off your boobs, butt, or being way too revealing , the sexy parts are (to me they are pretty darn turn ons and that is coming from a girl):
1.  shoulders
2. neck
3. collar bone (most underrated I think)
4. back
5. a bit of your legs like a slit maxi dress or skirt
6. natural charm
7. putting hair to one side
8. hard working/determined
9. lips
10. long, slender fingers
11. girls wearing muscle tanks
12. ... and Hyuna lol (sorry, she is not part of you,  but I still want to include her in this listXD)

Well these are what I consider "charming" but everyone is different ^^
This is a pretty short post, but hope you enjoyed reading it.


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