Sunday, May 5, 2013

April Haul Collection.

I am only 18 days away from summer vacation ^___^
and plus, exams are coming up really soon D:

but I'll  for worry those later.

Here's two of my OOTD's:

my new phone case at the moment -v-

Now let's start the monthly haul

Hidden Wedge Boots- $28.50

Lace up Fringe Wedge- $42.75 for the price, this is pretty cheaply made, but the design is cute. It's still wearable though, but I don't  know for how long.

Knit- $17.80

Tulle-Hem Slipdress- $15.39

Crotchet Waistline Empire Dress- $18.24 This is WAY too big on me, but everything else is so cute D:

Lace Shorts- $23.75 ---> a little small

Lace Tights- $9.12 

                                          Lace Print Dotted Tights

Knee Tights- $15.39 ---> it's pretty thick on the black part

Dolman Cable Knit- $23.94 

Navy Chiffon Dress- $39

Disco Material Pants- $10.80

Black Watch- err around $10-15? sorry I lost the receipt :p

Skater Skirt- $6.80 ----> I was really happy that this was this cheap at forever21 :D I was looking for a basic skater skirt to layer for a while and a lot of them are always really expensive >.< so thanks F21 <3

Studded Black Chiffon Dress Shirt- $19.80 --> good for my concert outfits

Ok I'm done with the hauls WHEW~
"MKBYE" <--- wassabi productions/hoiitsroi

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