Wednesday, June 6, 2012

summer here I come~

summer is finally here for me :D
Do you know how many days I have to carry a heavy book bag filled with binders and textbooks and also some with my hands?
Well, those days will be put on hold until in 3 months :x

Oh! Also on my last post, I said that I will do a haul for you guys. Sorry, I am going to hold it off to next post instead. D:
It was that I was preparing for exams, so I forgot. 

Next, for those horror anime lovers- watch Higurashi. I'm sure a lot of you have probably heard of it before, but this is a good anime. 
This anime is separated into arks, but in every ark, it consists of the same characters just different plot line.There are 4 questionable endings and 4 answers to each one. 

Warning: may contain disturbing scenes

Those who do not like blood, killing, etc. I suggest you don't look at the pic below.

There is also a movie adapted from the anime ^_^

yup, that's all! Bye bye~

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