Thursday, July 19, 2012


As the title says,
this post will be on phone charms, screen protectors, etc.
LET'S GO >.<

I forgot what these are called, but you basically stick it on top of the Iphone where you normally put your earphones or ear buds.
                                             <-----  Right there

Next, screen protectors ^_^

I am not all that into Warcraft (RPG game?) but I do play otome games and such :3

Finally, My charms <3

I have a lot, so be prepared >:D
P.s. They're all from Asia.

Couple charms are very popular throughout Asia. Sadly, I am single, so I can use both of them myself TT^TT

Also, I forgot to include the stickers for the buttons =w="

My phone accessories collection is DONE~

now bye XD

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