Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Hai guys~
Currently, I have this crave for iphone covers. One of the reason is because my current iphone is falling off easily, the tip is broken, and some bedazzles have fallen off  D:

This case was bought by my uncle from China. He got this for 40 RMB so in America, It's about $7 U.S. dollars ^__^

but besides that i want a new cover so baddd and some other phone accessories :3
 like these below:

New Arrival Korea Iphone Dustproof Rhinestone Phone Accessories Gold i2776892
Cute Panda Shaped Rhinestone Iphone 4 Matched Accessory Gold i2738756

Lovely Style Rabbit Shaped Cell Phone Housing Green i2624308

Shinning Dots Embellished Cell Phone Housing Orange i1240610

Fashionable Dots Printed Cartoon Mobile Phone Housing Redi784277

Bling Deluxe Pearl Bow Fitted Case Skin for iPhone 4 4G 4S Case B6

*sigh* japan cases are just so cute
now continuing LOLOL

 yes the one above is an iphone case ._. very cute, right xD

finally, the end.
I'm sorry for being greedy :c but I'm happy that my uncle is buying me another one in China

Now, I hope everyone has wonderful day c:

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