Monday, May 28, 2012


I have this obsession with red lips.
There are three styles that I go with:
tinted in the middle, tinted and plumped, or just full out red.
I guess my passion was even more fired when I saw 4minute's mv, "Volume Up" :D
Hyuna and the others just pulled it off fantastically 
Plus, Taylor Swift looks good with that color.

now... the products I use are below

Half of the lipsticks/gloss/tints are drug store products.
For example, Wet n Wild 911D

                                            This is bought from ebay. I suggest you don't taste it =____="

                                     I don't know where this is from since I got it from my grandma a LOOOONg time ago. hmm maybe 4 years ago? xD

                                             From Holister. Just go to the perfume and lipstick section :3

                                                 I love this one's scent. It gives off an apple scent :3 and it's from Sephora~

Here is how I do my lips today :P

Besides that, I frequently wear just a tint in the middle for school.
sooo yes, hope your memorial's day was enjoyable?
I'm thankful for those who died (+2,000,000) for this country just so we could be free.
Thank You.

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