Thursday, May 24, 2012

yesstyle, Von Maur, and Forever 21 Haul part 2

SOOo for those who haven't read the part 1 of this haul, here's the link

but anyways..
PART 2 STARTS------------------~~~~~~~~~~~~

I got this knit sweater for $22.80

I love this <33333
A stripe knit sweater for $14.99 
I love the bright colors.

I love the slits on the side.

I bought these belts together for $3.50 in s/m.
I can't fit in it D:
Last time, I got m/l and it was too long around my hips and now this one is too short.
smh =w=
This chain silver necklace for $9.80. These types of necklaces are quite popular with the edgy ladies out there ^_______^

Lastly, I got these earrings for $3.80 
I'm into tribal prints lately :x



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