Thursday, May 3, 2012

everyday i'm testing

HI LONG TIME NO BLOG~ but I have a good reason: State tests D:
but now that it's over, I have around 25 more days of school but before that, there's more tests and exams ._.
Before I know it, summer may be already here so I'll wait patiently c:

let's listen to some happy music now, Heck Yeah

and some creepy music.
I find this MV very, very sad. He just want love from others D: but it can't happen. They say that he's a monster and is ugly. To me, this is like how modern society is these days. smh. Some people think that ugly people are better off dead, but excuse me ma'am/sir, you need to look at yourself in the mirror too. There are girls/boys out there that are bullied and commit suicide because of society. sorry for my rant there :P

Warning: don't freak out, not for ages 11 and below if you can't handle it :3

That is all~ Goodbye~ 

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