Tuesday, May 22, 2012

yesstyle, Von Maur, and Forever 21 Haul part 1

Sooo here's what some of you may be waiting for~


First, I got these wedges in size 39. They are comfortable and not that high ^o^  The price threw me off a little though.. >.<''
5/5 stars

Cut away-sleeve printed top from Zoo. It was made of thin material but cute :D
5/5 stars 

                                                       Contrast-Trim Drawstring Hooded Tee by E Magic Mirror. It was super large so I liked it and could be worn as a dress ^.^ 5/5 stars.http://www.yesstyle.com/en/info.html/pid.1030410602

                                       Dolman-Sleeve Printed Hooded Pullover from Kiwi Shop. I love the red wine color! It's also very big just like the yellow pullover. Very comfy 5/5 stars. http://www.yesstyle.com/en/info.html/pid.1030677745

                                             3/4-Sleeve Printed Long Top by Click. It's around my mid-thigh and above. Also made of very thin material so this is great for summer. 5/5 starshttp://www.yesstyle.com/en/info.html/pid.1030729090

                                            Denim-Panel Sleeveless Chiffon Top from D.P. Shop. This top is so flowy and I love the denim detailing. Plus, the buttons are cute, but the back is a little see through :/ 4.75/5 stars c: http://www.yesstyle.com/en/info.html/pid.1030851822

                                   Raglan-Sleeve Color-Block T-Shirt from Click. I liked the design and color of this shirt, but I hate the sides. When I wore this shirt, it made my hips look HUGE and I tried to style it correctly but it still hasn't worked. Besides that, I love the Eiffel Tower on the front. 3.5/5 stars.

Von Maur                I got thus cool cross necklace and I have been looking for this for the past month. I'm sooo happy and I only got it for $5. :DDDDDD

We have now reached the end of part 1. Thanks for reading~

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